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Tour to Luxor.

The trip to Luxor was awesome - even if it was a very long and tiring day. The shop was docked in Safaga on the Red Sea. From there it was a 3 hour drive through the desert to Luxor. Once again we had a police escort. We even had 2 security guys on the bus - guns and all. Alot of protection they would have been - they were the first people to fall asleep on the journey there and back.

First stop was the Valley of the Kings. This was where the Pharoahs had their tombs built so they wouldn't get robbed like those buried in the Pyramids had been. This valley was chosen as there was a mountain in the shape of a pyramid overlooking it. Even though the Pharoahs didn't have their own pyramid they still wanted the protection that they felt a pyramid would give them.

The detail and paintwork on the walls of the tombs were unbelievable. To think that the paintwork was done 1000s of years ago and supposedly haven't been touched up. The paintwork explains the journey that was taken through the underworld by the dead. I find it amazing that there could be all that detail when there was no electricity to keep the tomb lit. I can't imagine that it would have been easy even with candles. We were only here for about 90 minutes and it was not enough. You could easily spend all day there.

After the Valley of the Kings we went for an extremely quick photo stop of the Temple of Hatshepsut. She was a Pharoah and Egypt flourished under her rule for 25 years. She erected many monuments, obeliscs and temples.

Next stop was Ramesseum. This is a temple ruin built by Ramses II. The colours were awesome - blues and yellows still clearly visible. Not much of the temple remains, but what is there is amazing. Then it was onto the Colossi of Memnon with just enough time to get off the bus and take a photo and then jump back onto the bus again.

Karnak Temple was the last stop of the day. Once again another beautiful ruin. There was an extremely intricately carved obelisc dedicated to Hatshepsut. The top half was alot paler than the bottom. This was because her son destroyed or renamed many of her monuments. He was rather annoyed that she ruled for so long without handing the throne over to him. He built a wall the bottom half of the obelisc, but for some reason it didn't reach the top. Hence the bottom is much lighter than the top.

Everywhere we went there seemed to be a feeling of peace and tranquility - even with all the other tourists be there. It was as though everyone was overawed by the majesty of it all.

This is part of a wall at Ramesseum.

Karnak Temple.
This gives you a good indication
of the size of the monuments.
Entrance to Karnak Temple.
The Colossi of Memnon
Hatshepsut Temple.

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