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Persian Gulf.

Interesting is one way of describing our time in the Persian Gulf. To be honest I very rarely left the ship in these ports of call. I have this thing about having to cover up when it's boiling hot outside. So I generally spent my days on the deck of the ship working on my tan.

We were in the Gulf in November 1998 when the US threatened airstrikes against Iraq. I don't listen to the news or read the papers much (in fact not at all). I'm glad of that because all that was in the news at the time was the airstrikes. The crew who did keep up with the news did a good enough job of scaring us. Lunchtime discussions consisted of what military support there was already in the area and what backup was following.

To say it was a bit nerve wracking was an understatement. Here we were, working on a 6 star luxury cruise liner, in the Persian Gulf with rich American passengers on board. All I can say is that when the Captain announced that we had left the Persian Gulf, there were cheers around the dining room.

To be honest though, we were only there for a week or 2, but at the time we just wanted to get out.

The Royal Palace in Muscat.

An important Mosque in Muscat.

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