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Ephesus is one of the best preserved ancient city from the Roman-Greco period. The ruins are in Turkey. We docked at Kusadai which is a great place for cheap copy stuff like watches, bags, and clothes - especially leather.

All of Ephesus was covered for centuries by dirt and grass. It just looked like a hill. The following photos show what has been excavated in the past 50 - 100 years. It's amazing to think that all of this was buried for so long.

This is the library and is the focal point of Ephesus. I think it's very impressive for it's age.

This was their footpath. It stretched all the way down the main road on both sides. The mosiacs were very impressive.

It may not look like it but this was the main road and is very steep. It is made of marble. I can imagine it would be very slippery in the wet which is why the road had grooves cut into it - to give the horses some traction.

This slab depicts Nike. I had to get a photo of this. It's amazing that it is still so much intact and the detail is amazing considering it's age.

The mens public toilet - where the men would gather and discuss the news. Made of marble so very cold. Slaves sent there first to save a toilet and to warm the seat. I suppose this is where the habit of reading the newspaper on the toilet comes from.

This is the inside of the stadium It is definitely bigger than it looks. The steps are hard to climb as they as so big.

This is looking back to the stadium I told you it was much bigger than it looked.

The one thing I really appreciated at Ephesus was the way that there was no one selling anything inside the grounds. You got caught on the way in and on the way out. I had to take a picture of the camel as it's so colourful.

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