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While cruising the Med we called into a few ports in France. I was able to do a few of the excursions so these were good photo opportunities. Well they would have been if I didn't have to act as sheep dog and make sure that no passengers got lost.

This photo was taken in Marseilles. It is the water palace.
Actually it's monument cememorating a water supply to Marseilles.
I think it's beautiful.

These 2 photos were taken at Avignon. This was where the Papal Palace was relocated to when there was war and strife in Rome in the middle ages.

This is the balcony where the Pope would wave down to the people.

I had to take this photo. It's of an old gateway/door into the palace grounds.

French Villages.
These villages are all in the south of France. They were really beautiful but extremely touristy.

It was quite hard to imagine peolpe living here at one time because you only see shops, cafes and galleries. There is nothing to see of the day to day living which I think is a pity.

St Paul de Vince - now an artist community. Lots of galleries.

St Paul de Vince - a village just up from Nice. Very nice - love the water fountain.

This little village on the cliff is just outside of Monaco. Really quaint -narrow lanes and no cars allowed (lanes not big enough).

This city is about a 45 minute drive from Marseilles where we docked. Beautiful countryside scenery once we got out of Marseilles.

Unlike the villages above this is a city and although there are the tourist areas you are in a normal city. The old town is mainly pedestrianised but is a mixture of tourist shops and normal shops.

I do like to see places and know that people live there.

The clock tower in the main square of the old town.

This fountain was in the middle of a very busy street.

A fountain in one of the back streets of the main road.

Monaco/Monte Carlo

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