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On the way to Singapore we docked at several ports in India. All of the photos are on this page except for the ones from Bombay.


Definitely not what I expected. All the architecture was very European. Very easy to see the Portugeuse influence in the buildings

This is a beautiful church in Goa. I love the colours.

A beach view of Goa taken from the pier.

I liked Cochin. Quite a bit to see and lots of really cheap stuff to buy - silk, and clothes.

I chose to go on the passenger excursion. Saw a church, the traditional chinese fishing nets, the Royal Palace and the Jewish part of town.

The traditional chinese fishing nets. I think they are awesome.

Cruise on a local sightseeing boat down the backwaters of Cochin

I went on excursion. I must admit that I was not very impressed by the tour. I don't really know why Mangalore is included on the ship's itinerary.

Mangalore is known for cashew nuts and I must admit that they were very nice.

These 3 photos were taken at 1 of the temples in Mangalore.


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