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While I was on one of the ships I was lucky enough to cruise through the Suez Canal. It was my first experience of the desert and there was sand as far as the eye could see - plus the occassional person and camel - and lots of flies. Even on the deck of the ship there were heaps of flies. So much so that I couldn't sunbathe. They annoyed me too much. Besides that the heat was unbearable and this was in November when the weather is meant to be cooler.

Depending on your viewpoint, I was either lucky or unlucky enough to get a 5 month contract working in a casino in Cairo. This was about 8 months after being in Egypt onboard a ship. It was an experience that's for sure.

As I have alot of photos and alot to say about Egypt I have got different pages for the different parts of Egypt.

Crew Tour to Cairo
Tour to Luxor
Living and Working in Cairo
Holiday in Sharm El Sheikh

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