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WOW - definitely an eye opener that's for sure. There were hardly any other tourists around.

Eight of us jumped into 2 taxis and went on a sightseeing trip. We went to the laundry and just drove around to get the idea of what Bombay is like.

The laundry was not quite what I was expecting. I had visions of the washing being done by women only and of the washing being done on the banks of a river. I think that must be Dehli.

Next the taxi driver drove us around the red light district. Just the area itself was an experience - rickety old building, dirty open drains and ditches and really dusty. Not pleasant at all.

The view from the back of the taxi. Good shot of other taxis and the surroundings.

There were cows and oxen on the same roads as cars.

Blurry picture - the taxi didn't stop. Seems too sedate to be the red light district.

The laundry - doesn't look as though it would actually get stuff clean.

The laundry again - they dry the stuff by laying it over the ground.

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