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Mykonos was the first port of call for the Greek Island cruises. We arrived 6pm and left at 10pm. The first time we were there 3 of us went out to dinner. It was so nice just to be able to have dinner anywhere but on the ship for a chance. It was great. Awesome sunset - the first of many I saw in the Islands.

The second ship I was on stopped there for the day. It was great. I walked around the town. Talk about windy, narrow lanes. The lanes never went in a straight line but they twisted and turned - real easy to get disorientated.

I quite liked Mykonos but it was way too touristy and expensive for me - but I really loved the white washed buildings and narrow lanes. I loved the windmills - especially in the sunset.

Beautiful sunset.

The waterfront at Mykonos.

Once again another beautiful island. I had always wanted to go to Mykonos and Santorini and I finally made it. I wanted to go up the cliff to the town at the top by donkey but I'm a wuss. I'm not a fan of riding horses or donkeys especially when there are no guides leading them up the hillside. I ended up taking the gondola to the top. The town is lovely but once again extremely touristy. Great photos though.

Below is a photo of a taverna. A group of us were waiting to go back to the ship at this taverna. Suddenly the barman just started danceing in the Greek style. He didn't do it for us or anyone else. He danced because he felt like it. That is something that I will remember for a long time.

Clock tower - I just love the colours.
View of the hillside town and islands in the distance.
I had to take this photo.

Well what can I say about Crete. Well, absolutely nothing. I never quite made it into town. It wasn't within walking distance and we were only there from 7am until about 11am.

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